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Marelli Brings at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition the Journey to Design-Led Innovation and its Latest Technologies

  • Visitors will experience the co-creation process, anchored in technology that powers vehicle personalization

  • At Marelli’s booth, guests will learn how the company is enabling the software-defined vehicle revolution and will see its Digital Twin technology, which replicates vehicle components in the cloud 

  • Visitors can interact with Marelli’s software-defined interior, an evolution of the company’s digital cockpit, with features that can be personalized by the vehicle owner   

Marelli, a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector, will showcase its latest innovations at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, in booth W1-W01 of the temporary hall, in Beijing, China, April 25 – May 4, 2024. The company will offer an invitation-only, curated experience that will introduce guests to Marelli’s approach to Design-Led Innovation. Marelli will showcase its latest technologies, with a particular focus on China market, where the company has a long-standing presence.

Marelli’s booth presents a customized journey that follows the phases of the vehicle co-creation process through different areas, where visitors can experience the company’s technology approach, know-how and solutions. Firstly, the Co-Creation @Speed area will present Marelli’s software-defined vehicle value proposition, showing how the company supports architecture scalability, software portability, zone control standardization, and cloud virtualization. The company’s Digital Twin demonstrator will show how Marelli can replicate a vehicle cockpit in the cloud, to accelerate design, testing, simulation, and feature deployment over-the-air.

In the following area, sitting in Marelli’s demo car, visitors will experience the company’s software-defined interior concept. Built on a centralized architecture and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the car includes advanced audio and sound zoning, motorized hidden displays and interior components, in-console projection, eco-materials, multi-functional interfaces, a customizable pillar-to-pillar display, and more. 

Marelli will showcase lighting and 360° communication technologies including a working demonstration of a LiDAR sensor in a headlamp. Other technologies include the award-winning LASER wire rear lamp that incorporates fiber optics to achieve a unique brand signature, an ultra-high definition microLED module with road projection, a signal lamp, and the latest electronic and light domain control units. The company’s LeanLight concept, which debuted at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, features a simplified hardware design, reduced weight, reduced CO2 emissions, and costs less than traditional lighting products.   

Technologies designed to promote sustainable vehicle performance will be on display in the Interactive Experience Lab, including Marelli’s fully-active electromechanical suspension system, integrated thermal management module, battery cooling plate, smart actuator, double valve smart damping control, and wireless battery management system powered by AI. 

“For Marelli, China is a crucial market. We have a solid presence and strong partnerships with Chinese carmakers, demonstrating our technological capabilities and our commitment." said David Fan, EVP and President China of Marelli. “Our design-led innovation and co-creation approach with customers, technology partners and suppliers aims at meeting the differentiated product needs of both international and local carmakers in the Chinese market. The rapid evolution of China's new energy and intelligent vehicle scenario perfectly aligns with Marelli's expertise and strategic interests.”