metallic gray car running on the road
metallic gray car running on the road


Redefining personality and performance

Discover our portfolio of advanced technologies born to differentiate the vehicles of the future.


More than a technology partner

We work hand-in-hand with our customers at the concept stage, to design, develop and deploy new solutions at speed.

technology car
technology car


Why choose between personality and performance? 

The vehicles of the future will offer a revolutionary experience in terms of personalization and energy efficiency. Our role is to make both a reality.

Shaping vehicle personality

Our lighting, electronics, and interior technologies facilitate differentiated vehicle personalization.

Leveraging state-of-the-art light design, interactive displays, smart surfaces, and more, we give automakers the ability to create unique brand signatures, using components that are modular, configurable, and cost-effective.

Enhancing Vehicle Performance

No matter the road, our destination is within reach: sustainable energy management. 

With our propulsion, exhaust, thermal, and chassis solutions,  we help automakers’ transition to sustainable mobility, enhancing safety, comfort, and agility while reducing environmental impact.


Marelli Motorsport 

Accelerating technology flowdown

Marelli Motorsport has developed electronic and electro-mechanical systems for two- and four-wheel racing vehicles since 1919, contributing to victories in F1, MotoGP, WEC and more. We’ve helped  many teams take the checkered flag by improving efficiency with cutting-edge technology: telemetry, hybrid and electric powertrain systems, and fuel components. But if you ask us, “What’s the most important victory?” we would answer, “The next one”.


From race to road:  the cradle of technology

Every victory stems from teamwork. Motorsport develops cutting-edge technologies for racing vehicles, thanks to the collaboration with other divisions the innovation can be carried over to road cars and vice-versa.

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Connectivity and safety

Efficient and effective communication between vehicles and infrastructures, with the added benefit of improved safety.


Powertrain efficiency

Maximized engine performance through precise actuation, reliability, and repeatability.



Leading-edge technologies that maximize power density and efficiency.


Lighting & Sensing

Next-generation LED technologies and for robust communication. Ultra Wide Band (UWB).